We are 5-0, and this is our story

In 2015, a good friend introduced me to a slow cooker version of buffalo chicken dip. The dip was consumed in record time. I made tweaks to the recipe and continued to bring the buffalo chicken dip to family outings. At a Dad’s weekend at Ohio University a student said, “Your dip is so good, you should be selling it.” The message was the same everywhere I shared the dip. I was flattered by all of the kind words, but I did not think about selling a product until a few years later. I came up with the name 5-0 Buffalo Chicken Dip.
I have proudly served as a police officer in Northeast Ohio for the past 27 years and wanted to incorporate the police name with the chicken dip. “5-0” is a slang term for a police officer. The company, 5-0 Buffalo LLC was created in January of 2019. Since then 5-0 Buffalo Chicken Dip has taken on a life of its own. The dip is now being sold by several retailers in the Northeast Ohio area including all Heinen’s locations. I have plans to expand further into Ohio and beyond. 5-0 Buffalo Chicken Dip is gluten free and is made with the finest ingredients. A portion of the proceeds raised through sales will go back into the community to our local charities and nonprofit groups. My good friend told me, “5-0 Buffalo Style Chicken Dip is so good, it should be illegal.” What dip have you been dipping?


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